Watch: This Is Why We'll Miss Aston Villa Fans In The Premier League Next Season

Watch: This Is Why We'll Miss Aston Villa Fans In The Premier League Next Season


Alas, our hopes that the below video was indeed Villa fans reacting to winning a corner as opposed to scoring a goal, have been dashed.

We did look into it, and initially we were incorrectly assured by a select few claiming to have attended the match that the video was legit. However, the reaction in the video was actually recorded after Ciaran Clark's opener FROM A SET PIECE, as seen here in Twitter user @Iniesthaz's video:

Damn you, football internet. Damn you all the way to Hell. Thanks to Iniesthaz for clearing it up.

Aston Villa fans will tell you relegation has been on the cards for the Birmingham club for a number of years now.


This season was perhaps the first where pundits and fans from other clubs alike no longer believed Villa fit the 'too big to go down' bill, and sure enough, their entire campaign has been one prolonged clusterfuck from top to bottom - ultimately resulting in a rather humiliating relegation to the Championship.

During their 3-2 defeat to Watford at Vicarage Road, fans in claret and blue bravely went where so many supporters of relegation fodder have gone before, opting to embrace their last few weeks as a Premier League club and rip the living piss out of their own team.

Before Troy Deeney drilled yet another nail into the coffin, the travelling Villa faithful took the art of 'the ironic cheer' to new levels, and went positively apeshit when their side won a corner.

Many sceptics - including some Villa fans - are denying the video is 'real', suggesting that it is instead footage of one of Villa's two goals. To be honest, it seems unlikely they would have celebrated a goal with such fervour.


For one thing, just look at the people dancing down by the advertising hoardings.

Besides, these Villa fans claims to have been at Vicarage Road and confirmed the video is indeed legit.

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