Here's Where To Watch Uefa Nations League Draw Live

Here's Where To Watch Uefa Nations League Draw Live

It may sound like the most complicated thing since the final season of Lost but today's Uefa Nations League draw is actually really important for Irish football and our quest to qualify for Euro 2020. For every small nation, it gives a chance of qualification for a major tournament and brings a purpose to otherwise, largely pointless friendly games. Here's everything you need to know how to watch Uefa Nations League draw live.

When is it and where to watch Uefa Nations League draw

The Uefa Nations League draw takes place this morning, 24 January at 11am GMT. You can watch it live on Uefa's Youtube page here.

What does it mean for Ireland?

The most important thing from an Irish perspective is that it gives the opportunity to qualify for the Euros if we win our group. We then go into a play-off with the other three group winners in Pot B, and the winners of that get a spot in Euro 2020.


When you look at out potential opponents it's definitely achievable. Especially when you consider that should any of these teams qaulify for the Euros via the normal qualification route then they will be ruled out of the play-off situation.

If you're looking for full preview of what exactly the tournament is you can find it here.

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