Watch: Kerr & Hamann Spot On In Their Criticism Of 'Video Referee' At Confederations Cup

Watch: Kerr & Hamann Spot On In Their Criticism Of 'Video Referee' At Confederations Cup

The much discussed video assistant referee was is being trialed at the Confederations Cup this summer, but there were only complaints to be heard after Portugal drew 2-2 with Mexico as the system disrupted play and disallowed a goal that really should have stood.

In the first half, a Portugal goal was ruled out for offside but it was only when the replays were shown that we saw that there was no infringement for the goal itself, but rather when the initial free kick was taken 15 minutes prior.

This baffled Brian Kerr, who was not happy with the amount of time the assistant ref had allowed to be played before informing the referee of the offside, and Didi Hamann too was not impressed as he described the incident as a farce.

Just how long can the play go on so that the video referee can made a decision? Or go into the referee's ear and say 'Hold on, there was a problem three phases back, that we need to have a look at', that to me was very strange.

At the time I'm going 'why was that decision made?', the video referees have obviously taken it upon themselves to get into the referee's ear.

It was a bit of a mess, and that wasn't the end of it.


Late in the second half, Southampton's Cedric Soares put Portugal ahead with a perfectly straightforward goal, but for some reason there was an age to wait to restart the game as the video assistant wanted to make sure it was a good goal.

Everyone just standing there wondering what was going on.

A lesson should be learned from this. A video assistant should not be scrapped as an idea, far from it, but there's no way we should be reviewing every decision. That's a joke.

This won't be the last of the teething problems, but hopefully a way to get the balance right emerges from the Confederations Cup.

Mikey Traynor

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