What The Hell Is Going On With Cristiano Ronaldo? Here's What We Know

What The Hell Is Going On With Cristiano Ronaldo? Here's What We Know

We thought that Cristiano Ronaldo was on his way to Manchester City, but it turns out we were all very wrong.

When we woke up this morning, the whole world was expecting the Portuguese superstar to move closer to The Etihad. Fees were being agreed, pundits were speculating how he would fit into the side, Manchester United fans were burning jerseys. It was going to be a fairly straightforward day all told.

Then all of a sudden, things went a bit mental.

Rio Ferdinand gave us the first clue of what was to come, posting this meme and leading many to believe that Ronaldo's move to City was not sewn up just yet.

News soon emerged that there was another team in for the player.


It was a move we should have saw coming.

Now it seemed like a duel between the two clubs, although you would have suspected that United would have had the edge given Ronaldo's history with the club.

Just moments later, it was confirmed that Guardiola's side were now out of the running.


While all this was going on, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer was hinting that a move to Old Trafford may be on the cards.

Not exactly subtle.

Sky Sports soon claimed that the deal to United was indeed on, but only because City were not interested in signing the player. They believe a move to The Etihad was his first choice.


As it turned out, Alex Ferguson may have had a part to play in the whole saga.

Once the contract was sorted, all was left was for a fee to be agreed with Juventus.


It didn't take long, with United submitting a bid worth up to €25million for the 36-year old.

In the end, his old pal Rio seemed fairly happy about the whole situation.

So where do things stand now?

Manchester United seem very much in the driving seat, although the deal is not done yet. If you were a betting man, Old Trafford seems the most likely destination.

However, as the last few hours have shown, anything could happen yet.

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