What Mourinho Reportedly Said To Referee Jon Moss Is As Good As We Had Hoped

What Mourinho Reportedly Said To Referee Jon Moss Is As Good As We Had Hoped

There's been some conflicting reports of the exact timing of Jose Mourinho's banishment to the Upton Park stands but what's not up for debate is the fact that it's been another horror weekend for the fallen special one.

The Chelsea boss has been charged 'in relation to his language and/or behaviour towards the match officials in or around the dressing room area at half-time'. Initially, it had been speculated that Mourinho stormed into the referee's dressing at half-time of his side's 2-1 defeat to West Ham.

That was then followed up with reports that Mourinho was actually called into the room by referee Jon Moss, who subsequently sent Mourinho to the stands. Regardless of the timing, something was said and, according to the Daily Mail, that something was about as enjoyable as Premier League fans could have hoped for.

Wenger was right. You are fucking soft.


Disrespecting referees is not something we should be enjoying but for the pure hilarity of seeing Mourinho well and truly lose it, we'll hold back the wagging finger this time. It's been speculated that that comment relates to an incident in 2014 when Wenger reportedly pushed Mourinho under the nose of then fourth official Jon Moss.

Regardless of what it relates to, that comment is sure to cause a few wry smiles to break out across the football world given Mourinho's tetchy relationship with Wenger.

Gary Reilly

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