Why Poland Should Be Kicked Out Of EURO 2016

Why Poland Should Be Kicked Out Of EURO 2016

It has been nearly two weeks since Ireland's loss to Poland in Warsaw and the Polish striker could be in trouble for his post game celebrations.

After the game the Polish team began celebrations and Lewandowski shamelessly and brazenly sprayed his team-mates in champagne before gleefully pouring the reminder of the bottle down his throat. But apparently, unbeknown to Polish native, it is illegal to drink alcohol in public places in Poland.

In a further twist to this tale it was a Polish journalist who alerted the police to the Bayern Munich striker's breach of the law and we commend that journalist for doing his civic duty.


Lewandowski has broken the law and should rightfully have the book thrown at him or for Poland to take Ireland's place against Bosnia in the qualifier. Not that we have a vested interest or anything.

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