With One Flying Elbow, Gareth Bale Has Become A Hero To Anti-Racists

With One Flying Elbow, Gareth Bale Has Become A Hero To Anti-Racists

Football's battle to combat the scourge of racism goes on. It is an uphill battle. As footballers do what they can to highlight the problem of racism, racists seem more determined than ever to highlight their own racism. The scenes at the Slavia Prague-Rangers match two weeks ago continue to appall.

Ahead of last night's World Cup qualifier against the Czech Republic, the Wales team took a knee. The Czech Republic team - featuring Ondrej Kudela, who was at the centre of racism allegations made by Glen Kamara at that match in Prague - didn't. The Wales team also wore a T-shirt condemning racism. It's a worthy gesture but T-shirts will only do so much in the fight against racism. Changing the world takes action.

There was an interesting bit of action in the 85th minute of the match. With Wales up 1-0, the Wales captain Gareth Bale, who'd already assisted Daniel James's winning goal, flung an errant and purely accidental elbow right into the gob of Mr Kudela. The elbow forced the Czech midfielder to be substituted. Kudela, of course, was involved in one of the most despicable acts we've even seen on a football pitch just two weeks ago when Slavia Prague played Rangers.

You hate seeing players get injured like this, except when it's Ondrej Kudela. Here's the footage of the incident. Again, it's completely accidental.

Football Twitter and anti-racist Twitter found a new hero in the Wales captain.



Even mild-mannered Sky Sports commentators were expressing a guarded support for Bale's elbow.

So what do we know about Gareth Bale after all this? We know he loves golf and hates racists. And it works for him.

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