Young Liverpool Fan Unintentionally Roasts "Undercover" Oxlade-Chamberlain

Young Liverpool Fan Unintentionally Roasts "Undercover" Oxlade-Chamberlain

In the latest example of English football clubs copying US sports for marketing purposes, Liverpool FC decided to send one of their players 'undercover' to interact with the club's fans.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was the player selected to participate, which was the first mistake as typically you want the fans to be blown away by the reveal as they meet their idol, and despite some impressive performances in recent weeks, the former Arsenal man isn't quite there yet.

That point was hammered home as, with the help of Robbie Fowler, The Ox was left red-faced by the reaction of a young fan. When Oxlade-Chamberlain, disguised as a construction worker, asked if the youngster wanted to buy a jersey with his name on the back. The response was 'No', and when the player suggested he 'was gonna be a star' the youngster replied:

One day.

Been saying that for 10 years though about Chamberlain.



To his credit, The Ox rolled with it well, and the kid seemed to cop what was going on which made him much less forthcoming in his opinions from that point on.

The sponsored ad also featured Dominick Solanke being asked to do a Scouse accent and doing a sort of 'Indian/Jamaican' hybrid instead, which is mildly amusing. Check it out in full below.

Mikey Traynor

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