8 Great Gym Exercises From Two Of The GAA's Top Stars

8 Great Gym Exercises From Two Of The GAA's Top Stars

With GAA pre-season back in full swing for nearly every player around the country, every club is still in the phase of 'going fierce well'. To keep that momentum up throughout the year it's as much about what is done away from the pitch as what's done on it.

Every extra gym session a player can squeeze in is a big benefit but it's an even better when you have a little a guidance. That's where All-Ireland winners Ashling Thompson and Joe Canning come in. The pair have teamed up with Red Bull to highlight some of the exercises they really enjoy. There are eight in total, with a little something for everyone, no matter what your end goal is.

Ashling Thompson - Upper Body Workout

Exercise 1: Dumbell Bench Press
- Targeting shoulders, triceps and chest
Exercise 2: Shoulder press
- Targeting shoulders and traps
Exercise 3: Inverted row
- Targeting back
Exercise 4: Renegade row
- Targeting back, shoulders and arms


Joe Canning - Full Body Workout

Exercise 1: Hex bar deadlift 
- Targeting legs and glute activation
Exercise 2: Pull-ups
- Targeting arms, back and chest
Exercise 3: RDL
- Targeting hamstring strength
Exercise 4: Weighted push-up
- Targeting upper body strength

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