My Gym Life: Josh Cowan

Josh Cowan is an online personal trainer and nutrition coach, and is one of Ireland's foremost online trainers. We caught up with him for the latest instalment of the 'My Gym Life' series to find out what apps he uses, what stretches he dreads and what instagram accounts he recommends.

How many days a week are you in the gym?

I work 5 days (Monday - Friday) and train on Saturday. So a total of 6 days!

What's your workout song?

Loving a bit of 'Your Mind' - Adam Beyer

Do you use any fitness apps regularly and is there anything you'd recommend?

I use and ask my clients to use my fitness pal! I have my own app coming out very soon too! It will give video demos with voice over coaching cues from myself to help people improve their form and technique! It will be called "JCC: Video Exercise Library"

How has your gym routine changed from 5 years ago?

Definitely varying rep ranges! I used to do 3 sets of 8/10 or 12 on everything. But this is like passing an exam 100% and taking it again, and again!

Research will show that intensity grows muscle more than volume. So I usually only do 2 very good, hard sets. 1st set is a heavy 6-8 reps and the second is a back off set of 12-15 reps! This way you can hit both ends of the rep range spectrum in the one exercise and not waist energy on excessive volume. Less is more in this case.

What exercise do you wake up dreading?

Hack squat back off sets for 15 reps. Horrible stuff...

What's your favourite healthy meal?

I love a basic avocado, smoked eggs and smoked salmon brunch. Lots of "health" in there, but we need to be careful that healthy doesn't mean low calorie! Usually the exact opposite actually!

What's your cheat food?

Bunsen burger or an obscene amount of sushi.

Can you suggest 3 instagram accounts to follow?
Sure thing. For coaching and informative content, I recommend the following:
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To get the most out of your hamstring contractions, it is important to keep the pelvis stable. - - - Because the hamstrings are pulling on the pelvis when they contract, keeping it stable is key. This will involve bracing the abs and engaging the lats and erectors to stabilize the from the top of the pelvis. However, as intensity increases don't expect that the pelvis won't move at all (despite what the form nazis might say). - - - Because the erectors are the main musculature counteracting the hamstrings' force on the pelvis, they have to work hard to keep the pelvis from tucking. This also means that when the hamstrings' ability to produce force drops off as they get shorter, the erectors may cause the pelvis to tilt and the lumbar to extend slightly at the top of the movement because they are not losing mechanics to contract. Not excessively, but there will be a small amount of movement, which is natural at high intensity or deep into fatigue. - - - As intensity increases in any exercise, especially ones that require a lot of musculature to be working at once, there will be things that break down as fatigue sets in and you are pushing yourself to failure. The skill to master is to know what degree of breakdown is acceptable and when it is time to stop the set to avoid injury or training poor motor patterns. - - - #n1education #n1training #hamstringworkout #hamstrings #hamstringexercise #lowerbodyworkout

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