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Seven Steps To The Winning Fitness Plan

Seven Steps To The Winning Fitness Plan
By Vickey Nolan
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As a fitness professional, I have seen people from all fitness backgrounds – complete beginners to fad diet junkies, people who try every workout type under the sun but just don’t get the results they badly desire. I have also been so lucky as to help so many people turn their fitness journeys around, and get killer results.  The beauty is, everyone can achieve it – you just need to know what I’m about to tell you.

Here's how to make the perfect fitness plan for you.

Step 1: Develop your goals

The perfect fitness plan starts by developing your goals. Top reasons people start training are usually

  1. doctor advised they need to get healthier or fitter,
  2. To feel better, happier, less stressed and to improve energy levels and
  3. Lose weight, bulk up, enhance their glutes or improve the way your body looks.

Step 2: Identify WHY NOW

You need to then identify the “Why?”; WHY did you want to start this fitness plan NOW

Many ladies will say: “I want to lose weight for my wedding and look good in the photos!”

Many guys will says: “ I want to bulk up so I look damn good when I go to Coppers on Friday!”

Whatever the reason, it's key to identify  WHY you want to start this fitness journey at the very outset and why are you doing it now.


Step 3: How will it feel to achieve your goals? What will success feel like?


Let’s go deeper. How will you feel when you achieve your dream? Imagine the exact feeling of achieving your fitness goals.  What will it mean to you? Write it down! What will happen when you reach those goals? Write it down!

Step 4: Be realistic

Now write down, realistically, identify how often you can train, and how long each time. This is the key to success. If you plan to come 5 days a week, work a 9-5, and you’re new to exercise, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Be realistic! 2 – 3 times per week is enough! Maybe you can dedicate yourself to two 30-minute sessions per week. Great! Now book them in your diary and make sure you commit to achieving your goals. Be accountable.

Step 5: What’s the right exercise plan for you

So many choices, so many workouts: reps, sets, push, pull, full body workouts split programs and classes, to name a few. But here is the key to finding what works and sticking with it: do something you enjoy, its easier, make it a habit – you will have better results if you look forward to your session.


Why not try a  Les Mills The Trip class or try some boxing, or even a dance class at West Wood Club! It’s a cool, intense workout that will help you burn calories, get stronger and fitter, and it’s really enjoyable.

Write down what you enjoy doing, and do more of it.

Step 6: Align your training with your plan.

Resistance training is vital for healthy bones, to manage weight, boost metabolism and increase lean muscle mass.

  • Resistance training will get you stronger and leaner faster than pounding on the treadmill will.
  • Full compound moves (like squat press, deadlifts, push-ups )targeting large muscle groups will be a more efficient way of training the body in a shorter time – recruiting more muscle groups burns more calories.
  • Have a progressive program. Each week, challenge yourself to improve your performance, whether it’s more reps, sets or heavier weight to get you to your goals faster.
  • Don’t sit in the comfort zone.  
  • Seek advice from a West Wood Club Trainer

Step 7: Seek advice from a trainer (complementary with all memberships at West Wood Club)

Trainers tailor the program to the individual in front of them, so if a person comes to me and wants to bulk up, their program will be very different from a person who wants to improve their drive on the golf course. So don’t be afraid to ask advice and book in a consultation.

So, Let’s Recap

  1. Discover your goals.
  2. Write down what will happen and how you will feel when you achieve them.
  3. How often per week can you dedicate to achieving your goal?
  4. Do something you enjoy.
  5. Add strength training to your routine to maximise your results, and get leaner and stronger, faster. Progress every week and get closer and closer to your goals.

At West Wood Club, we tailor your program to your goals, give you your own dedicated personal trainer, and help you every step of the way.

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Vickey Nolan is a Personal Trainer, General Manager, and Fitness Director at West Wood Club, Dun Laoghaire. She has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Health Promotion and Physical Activity and has been working in senior roles in the fitness and wellness industry for over 15 years. Follow Vickey on Instagram and follow West Wood Club on Instagram.


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