Study: More Women Love The Glorious Dad Bod

Study: More Women Love The Glorious Dad Bod

The scourge of body shaming is no longer a single gender issue. In the age of instagains, men also struggle with body shaming. Though it may be more subtle across culture than what women have to deal with, men also feel the pressure of six packs and huge biceps.

Which is why it's encouraging to see that as we head into the summer, the dad bod is enjoying something of a renaissance. US gym Planet Fitness polled a large amount of its users ahead Father's Day and found that men are growing more and more comfortable in their skin, and more accepting of their glorious dad bods.

Here are some of the hard statistics on the dad bod that Planet Fitness have provided:

  • Men believe a dad bod is socially acceptable compared to 12 months ago (71 percent vs. 63 percent)
  • Men with dad bods are happier with their body (79 percent vs. 64 percent last year)
  • More men think having a dad bod  has improved their life  (72 percent vs. 62 percent);
  • More men think having a dad bod has made them more relaxed (46 percent vs. 37 percent).
  • Nearly four in five among both women and men (78 percent) believe a “dad bod” is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin.
  •  More Americans find the dad bod attractive (65 percent vs. 57 percent
  • More Americans describe the dad body as sexy (61 percent vs. 51 percent)
  • More Americans describe the dad bod as the new six-pack (51 percent vs. 41 percent) this year compared to last year.

The rise of the dad bod was on display last weekend in the US as minor league baseball team Florence Freedom wore 'dad bod' jerseys to celebrate Father's Day. The jerseys were oversize and flesh-coloured and captured the dad body in all its glory.


It's inspiring because we know it's true: you're more attractive when you're confident in who you are. Body positivity should be a movement that extends to everyone.

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