Watch: Connacht Taking Body Weight Training To The Next Level

Watch: Connacht Taking Body Weight Training To The Next Level

Wikipedia defines bodyweight training as "strength training exercises that use the individual's own weight to provide resistance against gravity". From pull ups to push ups to crunches, body weight training tends to be the simplest and often the most effective kind of training out there.

Connacht Rugby have taken great strides this year under the tutelage of Andy Friend and his coaching team. Former Connacht and Wasps player Johnny O'Connor (aka Johnny O'Concrete) was been brought in as the club's senior strength and conditioning coach ahead of last season (working under head of strength and conditioning David Howarth) after doing similar work at Arsenal and Galway United. Nearly every week, Connacht are showing some sign of growth and improvement.

Case in point today: this 13 second video of body weight training being pushed to the next level in the Connacht weight room today that O'Connor tweeted. It's a player we think is out-half Jack Carty laying on the back of a player we think is centre Peter Robb, as Robb does a number of push-ups.


The internet tells us that Carty weighs 92kg, which makes the feat more impressive.

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