10 Of The Slickest Items Available On O'Neills' Website Right Now

10 Of The Slickest Items Available On O'Neills' Website Right Now

With the championship in full swing and summer holidays being booked left, right and centre, there's one thing guaranteed: GAA gear will be popping up all over the globe. Whether you need it for actually playing or merely want to saunter around the streets of Rome or some place, proudly flaunting your county jersey and a pair of O'Neills shorts, there is such a great range of attire available.

We've combed through the O'Neills website to pick out ten of the slickest items you can buy online.

The Monaghan home jersey

Simplicity at its finest, the Monaghan jersey is perhaps the nicest county jersey in Ireland. We love jerseys that are mostly white and the blue trimming makes for the perfect colour combination. Get it online here.

The Down goalkeeper jersey


Speaking of colour combinations, there is something about black and red. A good few counties have dabbled in it over the past few years - including a sumptuous Mayo away jersey - but nothing comes as close to perfection as this year's Down goalkeeper top. The slick fade from black to red is glorious. Get it online here.

The All-Ireland football and sliotar

While we can have all the gear in the world there's nothing that improves skill better than a ball and a wall, as Paul Galvin puts it. There is something truly special about the All-Ireland football and sliotar. When you hold it you cannot resist the childlike urge to get out and play. Even if you aren't active with a team any more, a ball is great to have for a kick or puckabout. Get the the All-Ireland football online here and the All-Ireland sliotar online here.

The Bari 3S half zip


If you want to go for something that doesn't nail your county or club colours to the mast, the new Bari range is right up your alley. We particularly like the Bari 3S half zip. Love the little logo too. Get it online here.

The new Koolite Grip Midi Sock design

You may have noticed that over the last few years we've seen a move away from the long socks in GAA and instead the short sock trend has rocketed in popularity. We're right behind this and not quite sure how the catwalks of Paris and Milan weren't ahead of the game. The Koolite Grip Midi socks are the future. Get them online here.

The Dillon 3S Woven Shorts


The O'Neills GAA sperrin shorts are ubiquitous but when it comes to other walks of life the Dillon 3S range are extremely underrated. They are perfect for the gym, given they have pockets, but are also a great buy if you're going on holidays or for that one day a year when there's a bit of sun in Ireland. Get them online here.

The Skinny joggers

The skinny tracksuit bottom is every Irish person's go-to when it comes to leisure wear and the O'Neills fit is perfect. There's a great variety in design and of course you can get them in your county or club colours. Get them online here.

Donegal's training top


Again there is a wide variety of training top designs, with multiple offerings for each county and the opportunity to decide on your own design for your club but if you're looking to pick one straight of the shelf, so to speak, then look no further than this from Donegal. So nice you'd nearly take it home and eat it for dinner. Get it online here.

The simple denver bag

With holiday season upon us, the denver bag is ideal for travel. While many may associate O'Neills bags with carrying sports gear, the denver bags are great for carrying everything. Solid, reliable and of course fashionable, they're available to buy online here.

The half and half jersey


OK, now hear us out on this one. While we're not advocating that a normal Joe Soap gets a half and half jersey for a Dublin v Mayo All-Ireland final they are a great gift idea for lots of occasions. Whether it be as a wedding gift or for a new born, the half and half top fits the bill perfectly. Also if you happen to be a culchie living in the big smoke you can get your kids one to make sure they don't forget their roots. Design your own online here.

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