A Former Limerick Legend Wants The GAA To Take The Ultimate Leap

A Former Limerick Legend Wants The GAA To Take The Ultimate Leap

Ciaran Carey, the man who led the charge of the Light Brigade in the Gaelic Grounds in 1996, has called on the GAA to take the ultimate leap and turn professional.

Carey told the Independent that professionalism was the next logical step for an association that has changed dramatically over the past decades.

Carey outlined briefly how he would see the payment structure operating at the beginning.

They've tried everything else, why not say there is a bit of a purse there for Munster finalists for €500 a man, and the further you go, there is a few extra bob in it.

I'm not saying you go out and play your first round of the championship and you get €2,000 a man. Nothing like that, start off small and work your way up. I don't think that would break the bank or break the GAA.

In remuneration terms, that is not dissimilar to the amount Ireland rugby players were paid per match at the dawn of professionalism in late 1995, a couple of years before the first proper contracts were handed out.


Carey pointed out that not all players are 'lucky enough to fall into the marketing and become a brand player'.

While most believe that turning pro will increase the gap between the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor, Carey believes that professionalism would aid weaker counties.

It would take a fair leap to try it, but I think it would actually open up the door for so-called 'weaker teams' coming in and everyone would get extra games.

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