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'It's One Rule For The Dublins And The Bigger Names And A Different Rule Everybody Else'

'It's One Rule For The Dublins And The Bigger Names And A Different Rule Everybody Else'

Andy McEntee said was deeply frustrated following Meath's one-point defeat to Mayo at Páirc Tailteann on Sunday.

A goal from Kevin McLaughlin put Mayo ahead by three points just before the clock ticked into the red. Meath subsequently added two points, bringing the gap back to the minimum.

However, despite there being delays during the four minutes of injury time, referee Seán Hurson did not add any more beyond the initially indicated period.

"Nobody knows the rules," the Meath manager told LMFM after the game.

"It seems to me, we start a competition and the rules aren't even set in stone a week before the competition starts. We look for clarification on certain fouls after the Tyrone game and response I got back from the refereeing committee in Croke Park is pitiful. That's all I want to say about rules.

"There are enough rules out there if the referees would implement them on a consistent basis and that's all anybody wants. I could see James Horan getting frustrated, I'm massively frustrated.

"I can't believe the amount of breaks there were there in those four minutes of extra-time and we don't play two seconds of extra-time; Dublin get two minutes last night to get an equalising score. There's a level of inconsistency all over the place. They want referees to get respect, they've got to show a little bit too."


McEntee referenced the Dublin and Monaghan game at Croke Park a day previous which saw six minutes of injury time initially indicated but nine played by referee Ciaran Branagan.

"We've now introduced a rule where the game has to be stopped if a fella goes down with a head injury," said McEntee.

"Let's be honest about it, everybody's told to go down, you hold your head and the game is stopped. That's what happened there today.

"The referees are probably in a difficult situation in that regard but he's supposed to play on, if that guy is lying down the ground for 30 seconds holding his head, you could get two scores in 30 seconds.

"Everybody in the stand thought there was going to be another kickout. It goes two seconds over and he blows the whistle. All I want and all every manager wants is rules to applied consistently and then you know where you stand. It's one rule for the Dublins and the bigger names in this world and it's a different rule everybody else."

Photo by Seb Daly/Sportsfile

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