Another Farcical Day For GAA Fans Trying To Get Tickets To A Big Match

Another Farcical Day For GAA Fans Trying To Get Tickets To A Big Match

It's 2019. The Luas red line and green line have been connected. You can get a decent, pineapple-free pizza in every Irish city and some provincial towns. There's a bar on Capel St in Dublin that doesn't sell alcohol. Plus ca change. But if it's 2019, why does it remain so frustrating to get match tickets for a big GAA match?

You'd think it would be easy. Big events happen all around the world all of the time that involve the selling of tickets. But from the same country that brought you the nine-hour traffic gridlock to All Together Now comes the farce that is the Dublin-Mayo Ticketing Butchering of 2019.

Queueing for the tickets started early today, both at shops and in offices. The Bank Holiday Monday gave punters an extra day to consider whether they'd attend the match and plot a ticket strategy.


The GAA's ticketing strategy seems straightforward. They sell online exclusively via the website and in store at your local Supervalu and Centra. To alleviate congestion around big events, have initiated a queueing system. It makes sense in theory: you register your interest for an event and then wait in the queue for your number to come up.  The system was severely tested ahead of the Kerry-Mayo match last month. Today it was found to be unfit for purpose.


The seething started late in the morning, so issued the following statement at noon today.

Then after queueing for most of the day, punters say the queue freeze after 3pm and not longer after, people were told there were no tickets.

GAA Twitter and many Supervalus and Centras  today are a smouldering pit of anger as fans have been online since 10am queueing for tickets.


A scroll through's Twitter mentions today makes for truly demoralising reading. A sample:


As Mark Wahlberg belatedly realised on his boat off Nantucket, it was a perfect storm. The most populous county against the most rabidly followed county in what is also the best current gaelic football rivalry. Of course there was going to be high demand. But surely should be been prepared for this. The GAA bears ultimate responsibility for failing to come up with an alternative online ticketing system given past complaints.

Not suprisingly, tickets have popped up on ebay at a marked up rate (current bid is €1000 for the pair). The Hill16Army account have tweeted in the last hour that have confirmed there are no more tickets available.

We're sure this will be on tomorrow's Liveline, completing the cipher of a proper GAA farce.

Donny Mahoney

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