Anthony Daly Believes GAA Should Trial Four-Point Goal In Hurling

Anthony Daly Believes GAA Should Trial Four-Point Goal In Hurling

The old adage that goals win games continues to ring true, but should you be given an even greater reward for raising green flags in hurling?

As defensive systems become more sophisticated and teams become more willing to shoot from distance at a larger volume, some sides have placed less of an emphasis on finding the back of the net. While there are teams that have gone the other way on that front, would increasing the value of a goal encourage a more exciting style of play?

Anthony Daly believes the GAA should give it a go.

Speaking on the RTÉ GAA Podcast, the former Clare star said that he would love to see a four-point goal trialled in next year's National Hurling League campaign, comparing its potential impact to what we saw after the introduction of three points for a win in soccer.

Maybe you could bring it in that the second goal would be worth four points. Any subsequent goal is worth four points.

It might be an interesting way for a team to push on and keep going for goals and keep trying to create goal chances. You look at the difference in soccer now when you get three points for a win (as opposed to two points).

We all remember the days when it was two points and one (for a draw). Teams were going away from home and playing for a draw. They were quite happy, they weren't losing much ground.

I think the goal is a hugely exciting part of our games, the thing that gets the stadium rocking. I'd go with this. I'd trial it in next year's national league if they were willing to do something as volcanic as that in the GAA, which we know they usually don't!

I think there's a lot of merit in it. It should be looked at. We got some great goals in 2021, so hopefully that trend will continue, but I wouldn't mind seeing it trialled in the league anyway.


This is not a new idea and is one that has been floated on numerous occasions in the past.

However, now does seem like an ideal time to trial it considering the direction hurling has been trending in recent years. Bringing more goals to the game could only add an extra layer of excitement for the spectators.

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