Anthony Daly Calls For 'Severe Punishments' For Teams Who Break Training Ban

Anthony Daly Calls For 'Severe Punishments' For Teams Who Break Training Ban

While the inter-county season only ended a couple of weeks back, we are not too far away from the 2021 campaign.

Teams were originally due to start training next week, and while that has now been put back until the start of next month, the league campaign is only around the corner should everything go to plan.

Of course, inter-county teams are not permitted to train at the minute. That is completely understandable, with public health concerns having to take precedent at the moment.

Despite this, a couple of counties have reportedly skirted those rules. The GAA are likely to come down hard on any such breaches.

Speaking to RTÉ, Clare legend Anthony Daly said that the GAA must severely punish any teams that break the rules that have been set out.

For me it's just a no-go now. We just have to hunker down and get the thing back under control. For people to be breaking that for inter-county or whatever, that's a no-go for me.

Everybody has had experience through the first lockdown.

Everyone has the methods now, be they Zoom or whatever they use, everybody has an idea now on how they can get their programmes out.

So telling us that it was a new player so we had to show them what to do, look, nobody's a new player as such.

They've all played underage or college or at a good club level so there's no excuses anymore. So I just think a severe punishment needs to be handed out whatever that is.

Whether that's being thrown out of the league, I don't know if that's even severe enough.


There certainly needs to be punishments put in place that deters counties from breaking this rule.

The GAA has developed a reputation of non-compliance in recent years when it comes to rules around training calendars, but they have to be respected in the current climate. After all, there is much more than winning matches at stake.

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