Antrim Inter-County Footballers & Hurlers Donate £6,000 To Local Food Banks

Antrim Inter-County Footballers & Hurlers Donate £6,000 To Local Food Banks

The Antrim senior inter-county football and hurling teams, in partnership with their county board, have organised a £6,000 donation that will go to three local food banks.

The coronavirus pandemic has put extra pressure on organisations that help in providing food for the disadvantaged people in their community, with donations such as this acting as a massive boost. The money will be split between organisations in three different parts of the county.

In a message ready out by a number of players on the county's Twitter page, urging people to work together and contribute to causes in their own communities if they can.


No one in our community has escaped the impact of the coronavirus. We are all worried about the health of our family and friends, and some are worried about continuing to put food on their table at this time.

To help reduce the number of people whose health is seriously affected, the best thing we can all do is follow the public health advice from all our doctors and nurses and stay at home.

To help those in financial difficulties, there are many brilliant organisations working hard to ensure that food banks can cater for the vulnerable in these difficult times.

Antrim GAA are making a donation to three organisations within our county, one in Belfast, one in South-West Antrim, and one in North Antrim. This donation has been organised by the Antrim senior football and hurling teams.

We know that everyone is experiencing their own personal difficulties at this time. But if it is possible for you, your club, or your county to help others who are vulnerable in your community, please get in touch with an organisation in your local area.

These are uncertain times and no one knows how long they will last. As a community, we are in this together. A chairde, we can and will get through this.

This is a fantastic initiative and one we will likely see other counties replicate. In times such as these, it is fantastic to see the GAA community coming together to help out.

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Gary Connaughton

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