Billy Morgan Tips Tomás Ó Sé For Controversial Managerial Role

Billy Morgan Tips Tomás Ó Sé For Controversial Managerial Role

Tomás Ó Sé was one of the Kingdom's finest footballers. The An Ghaeltacht man enjoyed a long and successful career with club and county until his retirement from Inter-county football in 2013. Sometime later a career move saw him move to Cork, where he played for Nemo Rangers, recently togging out in an All-Ireland final.

After that game, Ó Sé penned a fine column confirming his retirement from football while also highlighting some stick he took from certain quarters closer to home.

I took grief from certain quarters in Kerry last week; fellas questioning why I would play in Cork… why shouldn't I play in Cork? Hand on heart, I wouldn't be able - logistically, physically or mentally - to do what I have done for the last three years if I was having to commute to Kerry.

I might only have heard the grief third hand but, honest to God, it needled me.

As far as former Cork manager and All-Ireland winner Billy Morgan is concerned, Ó Sé should go a step further and manage the Rebel county someday, as he told the Irish Examiner. 

I’d be hoping he’d manage Cork! I don’t know, he is living in Cork and teaching in Cork and I don’t see him moving out or moving back (to Kerry). Maybe he would, I don’t know, but he definitely would be up to managing inter-county.


The hypothetical move would certainly prove divisive within Kerry. Through his punditry and media work, Ó Sé has proved an astute reader of the game and his uncle enjoyed magnificent success as a manager. Now that his playing days are behind him it remains to be seen if a career at the helm of a side will be forthcoming.

You can read the full interview with Morgan here.

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