John Heslin And Brian Fenton Enjoyed A Good Laugh About Twitter Exchange

John Heslin And Brian Fenton Enjoyed A Good Laugh About Twitter Exchange

"Ah, no, no, people took that up completely wrong - it was gas," tells John Heslin.

Back in February, Brian Fenton fired sent out a tweet hailing a new muscle recovery product which he had been using.

"These have been an ideal addition to muscle recovery over the last few weeks.. thanks again Firefly Ireland brilliant product," wrote the Dublin footballer.

Heslin could not resist a reply promoting his own preferred method of recovery.

"I'd be good friends with Brian, we were in college together; he'd be one of the lads I'd kept in touch with," the Westmeath captain told Balls at the launch of the Leinster Football Championship.


The two enjoyed a laugh about some of the responses.

It was a bit of a joke and as people do, they decided to jump on board, 'Oh this is the difference between rural and urban'.

He was texting me - I was in the library that day - and he was texting me, 'Look at this fella, look at that fella'.

Look, sure, it was a bit of craic. It was a slow news day, I reckon, for everyone and they decided to jump on that.

"It was a true story though, I had been loading lambs," added Heslin.

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