Canavan And Horan Highlight The 'Humility' Of Dublin Footballers

Canavan And Horan Highlight The 'Humility' Of Dublin Footballers

In defeating Tyrone on Sunday, Dublin won their sixth All-Ireland in eight championships. The lack of hype surrounding their success which comes from within the squad has been a major factor in maintaining it. Focus is never lost.

"One thing that jumps out for me just after the game is the humility that they have; they've just won four-in-a-row and the interviews are so well-balanced and they're so well-measured in what they say and what they do," former Mayo manager James Horan said on Sky Sports after the game.

"You can see that's right around the whole group of players."

Peter Canavan thought at the beginning of Dublin's run of four consecutive All-Irelands that they'd do well to win two-in-a-row. He felt the hype which traditionally comes from being the capital's team would eventually derail them.

"A month ago in the Super 8s, they played us," said Canavan.

I was chatting to the groundsman after the game, Jim Gavin and one of his mentors were the last men to leave the dressing room. They were tidying the place up, they were leaving it the way they got it.

The players stayed and signed autographs - they are the perfect ambassadors.

We were looking to take something out of that game so that we could have a go at Dublin further down the line. There was nothing, they left Omagh unblemished.


It was not just off the pitch that Dublin impressed Horan. It was also with their innovation on it.

"They're bringing Gaelic football to a new level with their conditioning, their decision-making, their method of play, how they change and adapt.

"We saw Con O'Callaghan sweeping for the last 15 minutes of the game. They were just trying different things all the time."

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