Reduced Suspensions For Carnacon Players After LGFA Appeals Hearing

Reduced Suspensions For Carnacon Players After LGFA Appeals Hearing

Seeking to overturn the decision of the Connacht Council to fine and suspend a number of their players, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association have this evening confirmed that the eight Carnacon player in question will serve a reduced suspension.

Initially sanctioned by the Mayo county board in light of the furore surrounding Peter Leahy, Carnacon's inter-county players, and a mass walk-out, the Connacht council ordered that the eight players in question would serve a suspension of four weeks.

After having their case heard by the LGFA's National Appeals Committee, that suspension has now been reduced to two weeks. Taking the "evidence, submissions and documents presented" into question, the committee found the Carnacon players to be in breach of Rule 288 from the LGFA's Official Guide.

Having sat for a 6-hour session to hear the appeals of the Carnacon players last night, it was confirmed that the suspension commenced at 12:00am on Thursday 27 September.


It is due to expire at 12:00am on Thursday 11 October.

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Arthur James O'Dea

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