Another Twist In Store For Carnacon/Mayo Saga

Another Twist In Store For Carnacon/Mayo Saga

Mayo LGFA has been engulfed in farce and turmoil for weeks, and any hopes that they had drawn a line under one story look misplaced.

Responding to the 12-player walk-out from the Mayo team earlier this summer, the Mayo LGFA kicked reigning All-Ireland champions Carnacon out of the county championship. Eight of the players who left Peter Leahy's panel play Carnacon, and the reason given for their expulsion was that they had brought the game into disrepute in their leaving of the team.

Their appeal was unsurprisingly upheld by the Connacht branch of the LGFA. The Connacht Council gave the club a €500 fine and handing the eight county players a four-week suspension.

The club don't appear happy to take that punishment lying down, either: RTE are reporting this morning that the club are planning to appeal the fine and suspension.

That appeal is expected to be lodged today.


And on and on it rumbles....

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