Ex-Dublin Footballer Says Aidan O'Shea Did Not Deserve All-Star Award

Ex-Dublin Footballer Says Aidan O'Shea Did Not Deserve All-Star Award

Every year the All-Star selections result in a backlash of whataboutery, as fans in their hundreds rush forward to champion the campaign for an omitted player apparently the subject of blatant bias or anti-[insert county here] agendas.

Former Dublin footballer Charlie Redmond has taken issue with one choice in his Sunday World column today, criticising the selection of Mayo's Aidan O'Shea.

Redmond cited O'Shea's performance in the All-Ireland final against Dublin as evidence of why his All-Star was undeserving and argues it is his team-mate, Kevin McLoughlin, who deserved the accolade:

Here bias is not involved, just pure lack of football knowledge as it is Kevin McLoughlin who ought to have got the gong.

McLoughlin was excellent all year. Aidan O'Shea, again, didn't deliver on All-Ireland final day. Yet again he failed to score on the showpiece occasion.

And if Aidan has been given an All Star for playing well in the qualifiers, then there are 20 footballers around the country who played well at that stage of the championship but haven't got within an ass's roar of an All Star.


O'Shea collected his third All-Star on Friday night, after a year which saw him operate in various positions with Mayo management struggling to identify his strongest spot. Despite this tinkering, O'Shea was a stalwart in the early stages of Mayo's campaign as they struggled through the qualifiers.

Redmond himself won 3 All-Stars during his playing career.

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