Charlie Redmond Rages At Biased Coverage Of Cillian O'Connor's Actions

Charlie Redmond Rages At Biased Coverage Of Cillian O'Connor's Actions

There's been plenty said about the coverage offered to the Dublin vs Mayo clash on Sunday. In reality, the partisan nature of the Championship means that fans are going to be upset as soon as their county's style of play is called into question.

This week it's mostly Dublin's turn to feel that they have been hard done by in the analysis of Sunday's war of attrition. Perhaps those fans have a point, perhaps they don't but one thing's for sure, when it comes to GAA opinions are invariably drawn down county lines.

So when Kevin McStay was speaking on the Sunday Game, he was scathing of Dublin's style of play. When Ciaran Whelan was speaking, he was understandably more forgiving. It's the nature of the beast but it doesn't stop accusations of bias being thrown around and the latest, and perhaps strongest, opinion comes courtesy of Dubs legend Charlie Redmond.

The former Dublin forward was speaking to FM 104 this week when he was asked for his thoughts on the various infractions during the game and how they were covered in national media. Redmond was less than complimentary about that coverage and he pointed to his belief that Cillian O'Connor's strike on Rory O'Carroll (which you can see here) was being swept under the rug in all this.

The incident with Rory O'Carroll yesterday, to me, defies logic as to why nobody is asking any questions of Cillian O'Connor and his actions in causing the facial injury. Rory needs over a dozen stitches to a facial wound and he's in hospital today, not attending work because of it.

Cillian O'Connor was also the third person in in the Diarmuid Connolly incident and can clearly be seen striking Diarmuid Connolly when Diarmuid Connolly is on the ground and again nobody has made reference to this.


Redmond went on to severely criticise the Sunday Game's coverage of the match and all in all, it's certainly an interesting point of view, even if many fans won't agree with him.

You can listen to Redmond's comments here.

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