Clare Councillor Explains Motion To Reinstate Joe Brolly On The Sunday Game

Clare Councillor Explains Motion To Reinstate Joe Brolly On The Sunday Game

An independent Clare county councillor has defended his decision to file a motion which, if passed, would call on the incoming Minister for Communications/Finance to request that RTÉ reinstate Joe Brolly as a GAA pundit.

Councillor Gerry Flynn featured on the Today with Sean O'Rourke Show to defend the motion, which has been subject to some criticism for being a waste of council time.

The motion, which incorrectly spells Brolly's name, would ask the incoming Minister of Communications to reinstate Brolly on the Sunday Game panel "asap" if it is passed.

Flynn said that he was deadly serious about filing the motion and that it was an issue that many of his constituents brought to him.


"I take the enjoyment of my constituency here in rural Ireland very serious. For a lot of people, RTÉ would be the only channel they can receive and, from observing Joe Brolly over the years, he’s a fantastic ambassador for the GAA.

"A lot of people have spoken to me about it. I feel very strongly about it. I’m sure it won’t take up an awful lot of time and I do this job on a full-time basis and put forward a lot of motions. This happens to be one of the motions and people seem to think that it’s a novelty or something, but I take it very seriously."

Flynn, who is serving his fourth term as a Clare councillor, said that RTÉ were sterilising their analysis by excluding Brolly.

I am noticing that they are sanitising the product and I think that the muzzling of people just shouldn’t happen to the degree that it seems to be happening.

Brolly left the Sunday Game last September after he was dropped for coverage of the All-Ireland final replay after criticism for his punditry during the drawn match between Dublin and Kerry.

Shane O'Brien

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