Colm O'Rourke Speaks Absolute Sense After The "Farce" Of Dublin/Westmeath

Colm O'Rourke Speaks Absolute Sense After The "Farce" Of Dublin/Westmeath

Dublin are probably the finest team of their generation, and are in conversations when it comes to anointing the Finest Team of All Time, but will their greatness forever carry the asterisk of the shambles that is the Leinster Championship? This year, the Dubs are into the Leinster final having beaten two sides from Division Four, and Westmeath have today suffered their third -and heaviest - shellacking in Croker in three years, this time a chastening 4-29 to 0-10 defeat.

Naturally, this utterly pointless match-up threw up myriad complaints about the structure of the Championship, as the awarding of the most prestigious prize in the game is still heavily influenced by the misfortune of geography.

Colm O'Rourke addressed exactly that on The Sunday Game after the game, rubbishing the idea that we have a proper Championship.

What this shows again today is the idea that a proper Championship is a farce, whether in Leinster or anywhere else. Teams like Westmeath and a lot of others, 23 or 24 others, are just not able to compete.

The sooner we have different levels to suit the various teams, the better it would be for a lot of players. The Westmeath players going home tonight must be in absolute despair. Imagine trying to pick yourself up for a qualifier?

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