Darren Hughes And Mattie Donnelly On The Unique Effect Concussion Has On GAA Players

Darren Hughes And Mattie Donnelly On The Unique Effect Concussion Has On GAA Players

The issue of concussion is one that is extremely prevalent in rugby, with the collisions between players in matches being higher in force than ever and as a result players perhaps being more vulnerable to head injuries. In GAA, players are similarly bigger than ever and collisions more ferocious - so it makes sense that concussion is something those involved in Gaelic games should consider. Especially when it results in players missing work, something that uniquely affects the top players in GAA.

Declan Bogue has spoken to Mattie Donnelly of Tyrone and Darren Hughes for the Indo about the issue and both have made fairly startling revelations. First, Donnelly on an injury he suffered playing for his club, Trillick:

I would have been chattering gibberish that evening. I was sitting at home and I didn't go to work for a few days after it.

And then Hughes, who got a knock when lining out for Monaghan against Kerry in the league this year:

They asked me at half-time was I alright and I said I was. But I went to go out for the second half and I was feeling a bit off with what was going on around me. So I said, 'I'm out here'.

I felt dizzy that week and it was difficult to concentrate. It is a busy time at home too (on his farm). It did have an effect and I knew that I had to sit out a week. I was in no condition to be playing.


Interesting that Hughes self-diagnosed, something that doesn't often happen with players.

The two go on to give a real insight into how they have been affected by concussion, with Donnelly also revealing an interesting theory as to what other effects it can have on the body. Read the full piece here.

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