Congress Rejects Motion To Stop Dublin Using Croke Park As Home Super 8s Venue

Congress Rejects Motion To Stop Dublin Using Croke Park As Home Super 8s Venue

GAA Congress 2019 has rejected motion 39, that Croke Park not be allowed to be used as a home venue in inter-county Championship fixtures.

The motion, proposed by Donegal, received just 36% support.

Donegal GAA Chairman Mick McGrath cited a sense of fair play when arguing for the motion.

Former GAA President, Sean Kelly spoke strongly in opposition to the move: "This is a very negative motin and deserves a negative response. Anyone who wants to beat the Dubs should aspire to do so in Croke Park." He was joined by Tony Dempsey, Wexford GAA and Meath GAA in expressing opposition.

John Costello of Dublin GAA was also highly critical of the motion: "Croke Park is the headquarters of hte GAA. It is the ground every child in the country aspires to play in. It is the county board's view that Croke Park should be used more, not less."

Costello went on to claim the move itself was a negative one: "I have been attending Congress since I was a youth delegate in the late seventies, and I think this is the first motion I have experienced that is divisive and mean-spirited."


This was something Seamus O'Domhnaill of Donegal GAA took issue with, asking "are we interested in finances or fairness?"

The move means Dublin will once again play two Super 8s games in Croke Park, while all other quarter-final teams will play just one.

Elsewhere, a motion was passed to give Central Council the power to open up provincial and national GAA grounds to other sports. Motion 22 was also passed to allow players who have been involved at senior inter-county level to return to play Under 20 once the senior team has exited the Championship.

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