The Reason There Was No Cork Ladies' Football Documentary Is Very Simple

The Reason There Was No Cork Ladies' Football Documentary Is Very Simple

Last night's Blues Sisters documentary on RTE was seemingly a resounding success.

The film, directed by Pat Comer, followed the Dublin Ladies' football team around for the 2017 season, one which saw them finally win the All-Ireland, having lost three in a row.

Viewers last night absolutely loved the film and were quick to take to social media in praise of another brilliant GAA documentary.

For some watching though, there was confusion, anger, and paranoia that Dublin had been chosen for this project, rather than the legendary Cork team - a team that won eleven the last twelve All-Irelands before this year.

Dublin media bias at its worst?




Not quite. Mary White, the former Cork player, who penned the brilliant book "Relentless" about this legendary team confirmed as much on Twitter, suggesting that the Cork players rejected the proposal based on keeping the "dressing room sacred"

Blues Sisters was a fantastic film. It gave Ladies' football a new platform and a chance to show and sell their brilliant product to a much bigger audience. It should have been a unifying night for people involved in the sport. Hopefully now those who were put out by the perceived snub of Cork can accept and enjoy last night's film for what it was.

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Michael McCarthy

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