David Brady Makes List Of Tyrone Players To "Keep A Shoulder Or Two For" This Summer

David Brady Makes List Of Tyrone Players To "Keep A Shoulder Or Two For" This Summer

David Brady was in the Omagh commentary booth with Mike Finnerty for Midwest Radio yesterday afternoon, and as they squinted through the sunshine, they saw Mayo pull off a narrow, one-point win over Tyrone, a result which eases their relegation fears.

It was a phenomenally intense game that occasionally boiled over, with Lee Keegan black-carded for hauling down Ronan McNabb ten minutes after Niall Sludden was harshly black-carded for a foul on Keegan. McNabb exchanged verbals with Keegan before the latter left the field, something Brady was upset by:

You know what, I'd love to put a pair of boots on again. He just made his way over to the sideline and he was mouthing off at Keegan, I don't know what he was going to prove by it. Hopefullt it will be a long summer, and I wouldn't forget that as a Mayo man on the pitch if I get the chance to prove Ronan McNabb wrong.

It's just wrong. I saw Ronan McNamee at it too with Kevin McLaughlin two or three minustes before. There's a bit of bite in this game.

After he said that his forehead, which is the "size of a small football pitch", would bear the brunt of the sun's rays, Brady ended the game in triumphant fashion, and ended up drawing up something similar to Jack Charlton's "little black book", an infamous list of players Charlton would be willing to do some harm to on the field, as retribution for fouls endured earlier in his career.

The game ended in skirmishes, and commentator Mike Finnerty said to Brady post-game that "if Mayo and Tyrone do cross paths again in the summer, there'll be some crack". This was Brady's response:

There will yeah. I have two little asterisks on my programme here, one is for Matt Donnelly, and the other is for Ronan McNabb. Darren McCurry too, that's three guys I'd have on my agenda.

At the end of the day, look, we can give as good as we get, but I saw Lee Keegan go off and Ronan McNabb going over mouthing at him. It's probably part of the game down here, but it's not part of our game. I'd save a little tackle, or a shoulder or two for them boys.

Look, the Tyrone style of game suits us as well, we're never really bullied in those stakes.

Brady's taking names!


He ended his commentary by declaring that "every mother deserves a takeaway", what with the special significance of yesterday. Midwest have cut together a highlight reel of much more besides, which you can listen to below.

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