David Brady's Lovely Gesture Is More Important Than We'll Ever Know

David Brady's Lovely Gesture Is More Important Than We'll Ever Know

There's not many people in the GAA, or in Ireland, like David Brady. His unique character was captured brilliantly on his recent Laochra Gael episode. There's also not many more decent people around, and his latest mad sounding idea is a measure of that.

After someone chanced their arm on Saturday afternoon by asking Brady to call their Mayo mad father in self-isolation, Brady had a long chat with the man and decided this was the little bit he could do for the cause.

According to an interview with Malachy Clerkin in today's Irish Times, he was at 20 phonecalls before 48 hours had passed. He talked about football, about Mayo, about life. The calls have been made to all corners of the world.


Seeing the "lovely idea" by Brady, Dublin legend Alan Brogan decided that this was something he too could offer.


It's a lovely and kind gesture from two great sportspeople. It highlights one of the true and under-reported issues with the current state of affairs. People, especially old people, living in isolation is a lonely and frightening existence. It is necessary but should not be dismissed as so. It also highlights how a little effort can go such a long way to making that process easier.

GAA players are heroes in so many ways. If David Brady has started a real trend here, he'll have done more good during the lockdown than he'll ever get the credit for - credit he doesn't want.


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