Davy Fitz Gets Lampooned On Gift Grub, Doesn't Care


Davy Fitz's F'n and blindin' tirade last Sunday has thrust him into the public eye again. Not only has he been radio satire fodder this week, but he's offended (three) real people, who complained to RTE over his pottymouth. But Davy's gangsta and doesn't give a fuck:

"I would rather it hadn't been broadcast, but every other manager in the country does the same thing I can assure you.

"I was making a point - I felt it should have been a throw-in rather than a free to Limerick. The only thing that was unusual was that there was a microphone right beside me.

"Barry didn't give the throw ball so I let it go and moved on, but when you're on the sideline you have to get your point across.

"I got a few phone calls earlier in the week to tell me that 'Gift Grub' on the radio had made a skit out of it. I haven't heard it and I won't be making it my business to listen to it either."


Listen to yourself getting slagged off on Gift Grub below, Davy. You're missing out. Waterford accents!

Davy Fitz - Gift Grub

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