'Maybe We Should Be Big Enough To Forget About It And Move On'

'Maybe We Should Be Big Enough To Forget About It And Move On'

Davy Fitzgerald has said that it may be time for him and Brian Lohan to bury to hatchet.

There has been bad blood between the two Clare All-Ireland winners in recent years. When the Fitzgerald-managed Wexford and Lohan-managed Clare met in the National League earlier this year, there was no handshake between the former Banner teammates.

"When you win an All-Ireland with a bunch of young fellas, it takes a small bit of [time to get back to that level]," Fitzgerald told The Sunday Game about managing Clare to All-Ireland victory in 2013.

"You look at Tipp in 2010, it took them a small bit to get back.

"I felt in 2016, I thought we were coming back. We won the National League.

"The criticism from your own, it does hurt. I took it too personally. In my book, I said that it did hurt one or two of them getting personal with me. Maybe you've got to live with that. I hate it coming from fellas you played with.

"Make no mistake about it, Brian was one of the best full-backs I've ever seen. We had a unique friendship.


"Going forward with Clare - I can say this 110 percent - I honestly want to see Brian doing well. We'll come across each other on the sideline and there might be no talk, but still I'd like to see him do well. I'm disappointed that it is that way.

"I got hurt at the start from a bit of criticism and probably Brian got hurt that I said stuff in my book. Maybe we should be big enough to forget about it and move on, there are a lot more important things in life.

"Having dealt with Brian professionally, he's a good guy. If we don't talk, we don't talk, but I honestly wish him and the boys all the best."

Fitzgerald also spoke about his passionate displays on the sideline down the years. He went into detail regarding an incident during the 2017 National League semi-final between Wexford and Tipperary which saw him enter the pitch and clash with Tipp players. He received an eight-week suspension as a result.


"I remember my sister said to me afterwards, 'Davy why did you stop 10 yards out onto the field' because I paused when I was out there," he said.

"I paused because I knew exactly what was the story. I knew I shouldn't be there.

"The other thing that came into my head was when a team like Tipperary are flying and have you under the cosh - they were six or seven points up and looked like they could walk through us - you have two choices: Let that happen and be beaten by 30 points or stop the play. I don't even know what I went in and said. I gave out to the referee about something.

"Poor Jason Forde got a suspension afterwards which 100 per cent I did not want to happen.

"I managed to get one or two messages to the Wexford lads. We got back into the game. I knew when I was coming off, I said to the county secretary smiling, 'I know, I'm goosed'. I didn't even question the suspension. I deserved it. Was it worth it? Probably. It helped us stay in the game and gave us a fighting chance. I wouldn't advise to do it all the time."

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