Davy Fitzgerald Believes That Inter-County Championship 'Has To' Go Ahead

Davy Fitzgerald Believes That Inter-County Championship 'Has To' Go Ahead

While club games continue throughout the country, it seems that the 2020 inter-county season is still very much up in the air.

A fixture calendar has been put in place in both codes, but the continued absence of supporters at games and the threat of a second wave may make the competitions inviable.

Everything will be be done to ensure those competitions go ahead as planned. Those involved with the county teams throughout the country will certainly be hoping they get an opportunity to play this year.

Wexford hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald is amongst that bunch.

He is also involved with Sixmilebridge at club level, and after their victory over Broadford this afternoon, he shared his feelings with RTÉ that the inter-county championships 'has to' go ahead. He was also critical of the Government's decision to ban spectators from sporting events.


I think there has to be. At the end of the day, this virus could be here for a while. I've said before, I'm one of these guys that has an underlying condition.

We have to get on with life. What happens if we have no vaccine next year, or the year after? What do we do?

It's about being smart. Once we don't have any crazy parties or stuff like that and we are sensible, why not do it?

I think it will give people something to watch instead of depriving young fellas of probably one year of their inter-county career as well. I know people say 'you should give it a miss for a year', I just don't agree with that.

If we do it sensibly, why not do it? That's my view, because there's a lot of psychological issues out there as well. People may not have seen it, but I've seen it. There's a lot to think about, it's about being sensible.

Do I agree with what has been done so far? I can't understand why more spectators aren't being allowed into games to be honest with you. If you do social distancing at X amount of club and it's sensible.

I know they are worried about groups of people coming in cars, there's talk about that and getting it sorted.

People live for this. They live for the game and to see games. I'm lucky that I manage a team and manage an inter-county team.

We have no doubt that this is an opinion that will be shared by many people around the country.

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Gary Connaughton

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