Explaining The Diarmuid Connolly 'Ripped Shirt' Look

Explaining The Diarmuid Connolly 'Ripped Shirt' Look

A Diarmuid Connolly shirt is often a torn one, especially this year. We examine the various 'looks' that Dermo has pioneered throughout 2016.

Today, during St Vincent's victory over Mullinalaghta in the Leinster senior club semi-final, Diarmuid Connolly sported what we have come to recognise as his distinct 'look' - torn shirt, bare chest evident underneath.

It's been the 'Year Of The Ripped Vestment' for Dermo. We covered his look in our 'Hallowe'en Costumes' guide, but we thought we'd look into it a little further.

It should be noted that the time of the year at which Diarmuid models the look doesn't necessarily reflect the time of the year best suited to it.

 27th November 2016: The 'Shneaky Shoulder' look


This is perfect for when you're looking to catch the eye while not being too daring. This little 'off-the-shoulder' number is the latest in the range, just out in time for the Christmas list and perfect for reunion season when you want to leave an impression without going overboard.


26th October 2016: The 'Spring V-neck' look


The evenings are lengthening and the warmth is creeping back in. A few barbies are materialising at the weekends and you're looking to show off the benefits of your winter gymwork. You've the chest waxed and ready for display, whether it's Harcourt St on a Thursday or the neigbour's back garden on a Saturday.

1st October 2016: The 'Summer In Dingle' Look


You're holidaying on the Irish coast so it's still a bit too chilly to go overly adventurous on the V-neck but you still want to have the full neck on display in readiness for the inevitable gaggle of foreign tourists hostelling in the town and looking out for Irish talent. Add in the upturned collar and you've got the perfect look - just understated enough but with a hint of badass.

18th September 2016: The 'Incredible Hulk' look


We recommend you only go for this if you're toned of stomach, hairless of chest and holidaying in Marbella. Not for the Irish climate, this one, but perfectly suited for beside the pool or at the beach when you're away and looking to top up that chest tan.

(Pictures: Sportsfile)

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