'It's Unjust' - Dónal O'Grady Outlines One Simple Rule Change For Hurling

'It's Unjust' - Dónal O'Grady Outlines One Simple Rule Change For Hurling

Former hurler and manager Dónal O'Grady has an issue with the policing of the throw-in ball.

The Cork man outlined his concerns during Galway's home Leinster Championship tie against Wexford on RTE Sport.

One of the wildest contests in hurling is the throw-in, as two opponents let loose like scythe-armed farmers reaping crops. However, there has been a recent trend of taming this aspect of the game.

Rory O'Connor found himself on the receiving end of such moves when he was shown a yellow card for connecting with Conor Cooney's ankle in Pearse Stadium.

As far as O'Grady is concerned, the current interpretation is wrong.


This is the one rule in hurling I would change. It's not observed. It cannot be enforced. It's only two players in and 13 players back. What else would a player do only pull on the ball?

That time Rory O'Connor pulled, Conor Cooney went forward. He got a slap on the ankle. I think it's unjust on the person who pulls on the ball.

O'Grady had little sympathy for Cooney: "If you get a slap well, that's your problem."

Several Wexford players did protest the decision but it stood.

It comes soon after the GAA’s National Referees Committee issued a fresh set of guidelines and instructions to all intercounty referees which included ensuring players take responsibility for their own behaviour. A criteria was outlined that included that the sliotar must be the primary focus, players are responsible for contact they make and must have a duty of care towards their opponent.

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