Donegal Stewards Revolt As Pre-Match Meal Is Replaced By A Mars Bar And An Orange

Donegal Stewards Revolt As Pre-Match Meal Is Replaced By A Mars Bar And An Orange

Donegal got their 2017 Championship underway in straight forward fashion last Sunday, taking care of Antrim in Ballybofey with a 16 point win. A day to forget, or so we thought.

That's because the Steward brigade are not happy with their treatment at the game, with some claiming they would never steward a game in Ballybofey again.

The Steward Brigade, last heard from when they refused to let 2013 Hurler of the Year and Clare legend Tony Kelly sit in the stands of a Clare match in Ennis, are up in arms over their treatment, when their traditional pre-match meal was replaced by a "bottle of water, an orange and a Mars Bar".

One steward from the game has even said that he will not return to work in Ballybofey again.

The Donegal Democrat reported that they spoke to a number of dissatisfied stewards who were working at MacCumhaill Park last weekend.

It’s not about the meal, it’s the principle of the thing. It’s very disrespectful of people who were on their feet from before 12 noon until after 6 o’clock on Sunday evening. I left home before 11 o’clock on Sunday and I wasn’t home until after 8 pm. I had a cup of tea and a sandwich when I arrived in MacCumhaill Park around 12 o’clock.


Now in fairness, that does seem to be a bit of poor form, especially towards people who have been working as stewards and giving their time for than 20 years. Instead of the pre-match meal, the stewards were given something that sounds less appetising and less filling than a packed school lunch.

I was given a goodie bag that contained a bottle of water, an orange and Mars bar before I went out to work for the day. We always got a meal after a big championship game since I started stewarding first over 20 years ago. We didn’t get one every day and we didn’t expect to but on long days like Sunday, we always got sorted and it is not a case that we were looking for a four course meal or anything like it. Just a simple one course and I’m sure it wouldn’t have cost a fortune. As far as I know there were 50 of us stewarding last Sunday and I’m sure it would have cost no more than €500 or €600. I certainly won’t be back to steward ever again in Ballybofey.

Strangely, the Donegal county board, when contacted by the Democrat, had no comment to make, even denying knowledge of what happened.

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Ellen McConville

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