Eamon Dunphy Calls Dublin Footballer A "Big-Headed Prick" In Barnstorming Radio Appearance

Eamon Dunphy Calls Dublin Footballer A "Big-Headed Prick" In Barnstorming Radio Appearance

The Carabao Cup, and consequent lack of Champions League matches on RTE, has loosed Eamon Dunphy upon the world this week. He appeared alongside Ivan Yeats and Matt Cooper on TV3 earlier in the week to give a moving oration about The State of the Country, and last night appeared on Game On to lend his opinions to the 'Split Dublin' debate.

The three-in-a-row Dubs don't impress Dunphy much, declaring that the Dubs "fancy themselves" a bit too much in their refusal to allow the media and fans get too close to the team.

They fancy themselves a bit more than they should do, I've met some of those Dublin players. They are acting like superstars, like Tiger Woods.

All the superstars are protected... J-LO or any of these people, There is a whole protective squad around them of heavies. You don't get close. Sport only works because people, ordinary people, have an affinity with the game. I won't name them but there are a few of the Dublin players who really fancy themselves. They don't give candid interviews.

Dunphy then began spitting fire later on in the show, in recalling a recent meeting with one of them. He is unnamed...

I met a Dublin player recently and this guy thinks he's Lionel Messi and Messi would have a bit more charm. It's unbelievable. I just thought, 'You big-headed prick.

It didn't bother me. It's in every sport. There is alway someone like that.

I love Gaelic sport and I admire what Dublin have done but being admired and respected is one thing. They will never be loved, this team. I don't think.


While there's no need to debate some quintessential Dunphy hyperbole a whole lot, the notion that the Dubs earn more respect than love is one certainly shared by plenty of the country.

The whole discussion can be found here.

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