Eddie Brennan On Laois Exit: 'There Was A Huge Reduction In Resources'

Eddie Brennan On Laois Exit: 'There Was A Huge Reduction In Resources'

Former Laois manager Eddie Brennan has discussed the reasons for his departure as Laois manager for the first time.

The Kilkenny great managed Laois for the last two years, leading them to an All-Ireland quarterfinal in 2019. Brennan stepped away from the position towards the end of 2020. In an interview with 2FM's Game On programme last night, Brennan said the lack of funding for the team from the county board proved pivotal in his decision to move on.

"The main reason, the game-changer, centred around going forward.

"There was definitely a difference of opinion in terms of the vision that myself, Niall (Corcoran) and Tommy (Fitzgerald) had for the lads.

"The county board, for whatever reason, wouldn't support us on that.

"You're trying to keep moving forward. For the Laoises of this world to make the step up, you need to be resourced, and the level of support has to increase a little bit each year.

"There was a huge reduction in resources that were available to us and that was the simple reason.

"That's their prerogative. I'm well aware there isn't a big hole in the ground for teams to get money and a lot of county boards are struggling in the absence of club matches.


"It is what it is and you move on and learn from it."

The Laois county board had indicated after Laois exited the 2020 Championship that they would have been happy for Brennan to stay on in the role. However, Brennan's departure was not surprising.

In November, a GAA podcast inadvertently broadcast off the record comments that Brennan made about the job and the Laois county board in the days before Brennan stepped aside. Asked about the role that played in his exit, Brennan said:

"As a stand-alone thing, it happened and we moved on from that."

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