Hands Off Our Game - Congress Overwhelmingly Rejects Hurling Black Card

Hands Off Our Game - Congress Overwhelmingly Rejects Hurling Black Card

Arguments about cynicism (or lack thereof) in hurling will continue for at least another year. As predicted, GAA Congress today voted down a proposal for a sin bin black card to be introduced to hurling.

The proposal was identical to the controversial football rule, and with that always on a knife edge in itself, it was never likely hurling counties would accept a copycat proposal for a different game.

However, the emphatic nature of the result will have surprised many GAA pundits. 82% of delegates voted against Motion 13. The motion would have needed a two thirds majority to pass.

GPA Chairman Seamus Hickey spoke out against the motion at Congress, with an even bigger majority of players voting against the black card.

We polled 1116 players from our championship squads. That's almost a 100 per cent response rate; 89 per cent of players were against this motion.

While the black card appeared the wrong punishment for the blight of cynical take downs for goal chances that have increased in recent years, it will be interesting to see if an alternative is considered for next year's annual Congress.

It's one of 63 motions being voted on by GAA Congress this weekend, and last night, they also elected a new president to take over from Dublin's John Horan. Larry McCarthy will take over as the 40th President of the GAA in 2021, becoming the first overseas representative elected to the position.


A former Secretary and Chairman of New York GAA, McCarthy is originally from Bishopstown in Cork and also played football for Raheny in Dublin before emigrating to New York in 1985.

He narrowly defeated former Armagh captain Jarlath Burns on the fourth round of voting for win the presidency last night.

So far, a number of motions have passed, including a rule amendment that will stop a player kicking a ball back to the goalkeeper after a kick out. Motion 14, which suggested a referee would no longer have to judge whether a serious act of foul play was deliberate or not, and Motion 19 which removes the need for the neutral venue in the Super 8s to be in Croke Park, both passed.

However, there have been a number of motions soundly defeated too including allowing two points for a point from a sideline cut, a challenge system for Hawkeye referrals, and a change to the four step rule.

Congress continues for the rest of the day with close to 40 motions still to be voted on.


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