GAA President Has Dumbfounding Take On Super 8/World Cup Final Clash

GAA President Has Dumbfounding Take On Super 8/World Cup Final Clash

As you may well have realised, Sunday's Super 8 clash between Galway and Kerry is due to clash with a World Cup final that will include France, and one of England or Croatia. Incredibly, the GAA President John Horan remains unconcerned by any potentially negative impact this global event may have on this high-profile tie in Croke Park.

Furthermore, he believes nothing could have been done to avoid it in the first place. Speaking to the BBC during yesterday's launch for the All-Ireland series, the GAA President Horan stressed that that the association can't 'legislate for these kind of things happening.'

As the GAA prepares for the first series of games within the new Super 8 structure this weekend, one is left wondering how the association was left so unawares, and why, in all reality, legislating for such an event was well within their means.

Awarded the hosting rights to the 2018 World Cup in 2010, the scheduling of games for the tournament was confirmed in July 2015; the times of each fixture being confirmed shortly under two years later.

That the GAA have only today confirmed the times for the second and third rounds of the Super 8 games suggests that legislating for such incidents as this Sunday's clash of games is precisely what they could have done.

But should they have to?


Arguably, the final of the Wimbledon men's singles tournament will almost certainly clash with a World Cup final that could well include England. In a match-up that may include the likes of Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic, there is unlikely to be any allowances made here.

It is exactly this kind of loyalty that the GAA President is clearly reliant upon: 'The true Galway and Kerry supporters will turn up in Croke Park.'

Be that as it may, Horan doesn't even seem particularly perturbed by how the clash may impact upon viewing figures at home. Demonstrating an unusual lack of awareness for the popularity of the World Cup (let alone the final), the GAA President doubts that 'if was two countries that had no connection with Ireland whatsoever in the World Cup final, I wonder would people have any interest in it?'

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Arthur James O'Dea

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