Galway Crash Out Of Championship As Leinster Round Robin Provides Huge Drama

Galway Crash Out Of Championship As Leinster Round Robin Provides Huge Drama

What an end to the round robin stage of the Leinster Championship.

When the GAA introduced the group stages to the provincial championships, it was a welcome addition. More games between the top teams could only be good for the sport, but few could have predicted drama such as this.

Galway entered the final round of games sitting top of the table, and it would take a pair of hugely unlikely results to put them out of the championship. That is exactly what happened.

It was expected that Galway, with Joe Canning returning to the match day panel, would have too much for The Dubs. The Tribesmen would ultimately fall short in Parnell Park, with Dublin pulling off a shock victory.

It was a tit for tat affair, but it was a goal from Chris Crummey in the 67th minute that proved to be the vital moment.


A loss for Galway may not have been disastrous, with only a draw in the Kilkenny and Wexford game putting them out of the championship.

In a unbelievably tense affair in Wexford Park, it would come right down to the wire. It was a game of immense quality, as evidenced by scores such as this one from Padraig Walsh.

With Kilkenny leading heading into injury time, and Wexford heading out, Lee Chin would come up huge for his county. He nailed a free from just inside his own half to level the scores at 0-21 to 1-18, the scoreline the game would ultimately finish on.


There was confusion in Wexford after the final whistle, with both sides uncertain as to where it left them. When the Galway result was read out over the tannoy, the crowd erupted with joy.

This may seem like an incredibly harsh end to the year for Galway, but that's hurling for you. It was ultimately their narrow win over Carlow which cost them their place in the All-Ireland, with the other three teams racking up far more convincing victories.

If today's drama is anything to go by, we can expect the round robin to stick around for a long time yet...

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Gary Connaughton

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