Would You Go This Far To Get Your Hands On All-Ireland Final Tickets?

Would You Go This Far To Get Your Hands On All-Ireland Final Tickets?

At this stage of the week, you need to make some noise.

There are people trading hen's teeth for tickets to Sunday's All-Ireland final all over the country. Alas, it's been a struggle.

In Mayo especially, they are starting to panic.

Everyone has the word in with the barman in Longford, and the club treasurer in Wicklow, and the former county player's cousin they haven't seen since 1st Year in school. They've entered the competition for tickets on the Clare FM Facebook page 132 times, under various different aliases. Setting up that many email accounts is a pain the arse, and good luck remembering all your new passwords.

Ultimately, you'll be tormented until at least Saturday, when someone is a pub will hear you're in need of a ticket, make a few phone calls and sort you out.

For some though, they can't take that chance. You have to get out there. The country needs to know you're in need, and more importantly, you're deserving.

Mayo fan Kany Kazadi is certainly one of those.


She's gone above and beyond for her county, as you would expect on All-Ireland week.

10 hours! We're not sure even Mayo are worth that.


Kany is a dedicated Mayo supporter too, saying she has attended every game this year, going back to the FBD League in January. And she was only too happy to tell a complaining Twitter user.

Thankfully Kany's dedication has not gone unnoticed, and her Tweet has been liked over 1000 times, but she is still without a ticket for Sunday's game.


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