We Have A Winner In Our Vote For The Greatest Manager In Irish Sport

We Have A Winner In Our Vote For The Greatest Manager In Irish Sport

You've been voting in your thousands through every round of our bracket to crown the greatest manager/head coach in the history of Irish sport, in association with Ladbrokes, and with a final between Mick O'Dwyer and Brian Cody, no one could argue that would not be getting a deserving winner regardless of who triumphed.

It has been debated up and down the country. It has divided friends, sparked podcast debates and reminded us how blessed we've been to witness some of sport's greats at work. And now we finally have a winner...

The vote was incredibly close. So close, in fact, that the returning officer has to do a recount of each of the constituencies just to be certain. Like all our brackets, the final result is made up of the accumulative votes of our Instagram and Facebook stories poll, our Twitter poll and our onsite vote. Cody took home the Instagram and Facebook stories vote, O'Dwyer narrowly edged the Twitter vote. It would all come down to our onsite results.

With all added together we can reveal that - with 51.5% of the vote - the winner of our bracket is.... MICK O'DWYER.

Micko has done it! It was the most dramatic final we've had to date and that came as no surprise. Both men are unrivalled in what they achieved in their respective codes, managing their counties to 19 All-Ireland titles between them. While O'Dwyer may only have eight of those compared to Cody's 11, what he achieved with the likes of Kildare and Laois has also stood the test of time. With the Lily Whites he led them to their only two Leinster titles in the last 64 years, and with Laois, their sole provincial crown in 74 years.

Congratulations Micko, you're a worthy winner.

(To see a larger version of the final bracket, click here)

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