Hallelujah! Tyrone's Jersey Launch Reveals The End Of The Dumbest Kit Change Ever

Hallelujah! Tyrone's Jersey Launch Reveals The End Of The Dumbest Kit Change Ever

By the time the GAA centenary came around in 1984, Tyrone had never been to an All-Ireland senior final.

Two years later, they made their first ever decider, losing to the last roar of a dying Kerry beast. Nine years later, they were back again, losing out to Dublin.

In 2003, the dam was finally broken, and Tyrone became All-Ireland champions for the first time. They would repeat the feat two years later, before adding a third in 2008. It was an incredible run, one of the best we've ever seen from any county.

For all three of those All-Irelands, and all five of their finals, Tyrone wore white jerseys and red shorts. In 2013, the Tyrone county board quietly made a decision that the red shorts would no longer be part of the county's repertoire, and they would wear the more "traditional" all-white kit.

By traditional, they were referring to the garb worn up until the 1980s. Given the success the county has had since then, surely you could argue 30 year tradition would trump everything that came before, but instead, we've had to endure five long years of Tyrone wearing all-white.

It's something this writer, and many more, have been taking way too seriously in that time.



Today, the new Tyrone jersey goes on sale, and if pictures from the launch of the jersey last week are anything to go by, common sense has finally prevailed.


All is right with the world again. Surely this  news catapults Tyrone to presumptive favourites to end the Dubs' strangle hold on Sam next September August.

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Michael McCarthy

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