'I Just Started Talking... Before I Knew It, I Was In The Middle Of The Dressing Room'

'I Just Started Talking... Before I Knew It, I Was In The Middle Of The Dressing Room'

Kilkenny trailed Galway by three points at half-time in the 2015 All-Ireland hurling final. They would end up winning the game by four to retain their title.

In between came a speech from Jackie Tyrell which Man of the Match Michael Fennelly afterward cited as a major factor in turning the game in his side's favour.

"I wouldn't normally be that vocal in a dressing room," Tyrrell says regarding that speech in his Laochra Gael episode which airs at 9:30pm tonight on TG4.

Brian Cody had just had a few words with the players, telling them that they were simply not working hard enough. The manager then stepped away, as he usually does, to let the team work it out for themselves.

Tyrrell was a substitute for the game. He'd done well to be on the bench considering he had just about recovered from a stress fracture to his foot.


"I just went in and got this flat feeling," reveals Tyrrell.

No one was saying anything. The thing is, we'd spoken that week about bringing a savage work rate, about controlling the game - we weren't doing any of it, Galway were doing it all to us. Do lads think this is just going to happen?

I just started talking, I didn't mean to say a whole lot. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the dressing room - I wasn't shouting or screaming but I was talking so passionately.

I was looking lads in the eye and I was particularly looking at lads that hadn't done it in the first half. I was just saying what we're about and what we stand for and we're just not doing it.

I just got them to picture that in 40 minutes, there's going to be a person going up those steps, 'Is it going to be Joey Holden or a Galway lad? Picture that. Picture Galway coming here and bringing Liam MacCarthy home. We're going to be sick for the winter.'

'Laochra Gael - Jackie Tyrrell' airs on TG4 at 9:30pm on Wednesday February 20th.

It is the first episode of the show's 17th series. Also featuring this season will be Seamus Darby, Rena Buckley, Kieran Duff, Andrew O'Shaughnessy and Colm Cooper.

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