Watch: Joanne Cantwell Challenges Joe Brolly On Experimental Rules Claim

Watch: Joanne Cantwell Challenges Joe Brolly On Experimental Rules Claim

Last night marked the return of RTE's highlight programme League Sunday and it wasn't long before host Joanne Cantwell went head-to-head with pundit Joe Brolly.

Brolly has been a vocal critic of the GAA'S Standing Committee on the Playing Rules and last night argued against the reasoning behind the rule. However, this was a statement Cantwell was not willing to let stand unchallenged.

Joe Brolly: The rules committee introduced it not seeing the imaginative way that it might be used, nor did I. The idea was if there's a big target man like Kieran Donaghy on the edge of the square and he can catch the ball, give him the opportunity to score.

Joanne Cantwell: How do you know that's the only reason?

JB: That was the stated reason behind it. That was the philosophy behind it.

JC: They could have envisaged all of the different outcomes.

JB: Are you going to argue with me over every single thing that I say Joanne?

JC: If it requires an argument, yes.

JB: This is going to be an extremely long year.


Sunday's programme was new-look in more ways than one. It aired at 9.30pm, stretching on for an hour and 45 minutes. Next week's programme will be the very same.

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